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Dress Your Home for Sale

Dress Your Home for Sale

When you’re selling a property, your main priority is to sell the home for the best possible price, and in the shortest amount of time. You’ll have competition as the buyer will also be viewing other properties, so you should highlight the best bits about your home as soon as possible. “Home Staging’ is the period when the seller prepares the home for sale, which might involve showing off the best bits of the property to prospective buyers, so that they feel welcome and you leave a lasting impression.

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First Impressions are Key!

One important thing to bear in mind is that when your home appears comfortable, well looked after and maintained, it has a better chance of selling. Think about the finer details that will make your property stand out from the crowd! Most buyers will form an opinion within the first few seconds of viewing a property, so it’s really important to give a strong first impression. Viewings usually last around 15 minutes, and many properties have very similar characteristics and features, so you should showcase yours in the best light in order to gain an advantage.

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‘Curb Appeal’

First and foremost – ‘Curb’ appeal. The first thing the buyer will see is the entrance and front of your house, and this really does leave a lasting impression. Why not freshen up the exterior with some flowers – you could add window boxes, a small raised flowerbed or even some little flower pots in different colours, if you have limited space. That old can of paint you have lying around in the shed? Paint any wooden sills or window boxes before filling them with colour. You could always touch up any paintwork on the exterior of the house which might be looking a bit sorry for itself, and a freshly painted door is a sure-fire way to get people’s attention.

If you have any weeds or rubbish lying in your path or driveway, this will tarnish the buyer’s perception immediately. Ensure that your passages are clear, weed-free, and well maintained. Don’t forget about your bins, too – untidy bins are so unsightly and often create a bad odour before the buyer has even entered the property! Something people often forget is to check if your doorbell works correctly, and that the outside lights are working. If you have an evening viewing when the light is dim, some automatic lights at the front can be a great way to combat this whilst creating a welcoming environment. Finally, don’t forget about the back garden, too!

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Use fragrance and sound!

When the buyer first walks in, first impression is paramount. Why not play some gentle music and place some fragrant flowers or pot pourri in the entrance, to really grab the senses straight away? Any clutter or bric-a-brac should be kept to a minimum, and any litter cleared, of course. The less ‘stuff’ a room has, the bigger it will appear. Another tip for creating a bright and airy space is keeping the colour scheme neutral and light – white, beige or light pastel colour schemes open up a space. Try to create ambience with lamps and lighting! Naturally, everywhere should be cleaned immaculately, particularly the bathroom in case the viewer needs to use it. Don’t forget to clean the fingerprints off the mirrors!

If you remember these important tips, you’re sure to make a great impression when selling your home! For more information please refer to our Seller and Buyer Guide to Property!


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