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Six Top Gaming Podcasts To Follow In 2024

There have been two truly huge cultural phenomena in recent years. The first has been the inexorable rise of online gaming. This has definitely entered the mainstream with an estimated three billion gamers worldwide today. Fueled by ever-more inventive and exciting games, plus the rise of e-sports, it looks like this is a figure set to rise even more in future years.

Alongside gaming, the realm of the podcast has also very definitely arrived. There are now ones covering virtually every subject imaginable from celebrity interviews to truly niche interests like bell-ringing and stamp collecting.

So it stands to reason that there is a veritable plethora of gaming podcasts out there. These cover everything from discussing hacks and strategies to interviews with developers and high-profile gamers.

With so many podcasts to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best ones to listen to. To save you the time and effort of sorting through them all we’ve come up with a list of our top six.

Giant Bombcast

Let’s start with the one that proudly pronounces itself as the world’s most beloved gaming podcast. To back this up, it certainly has a massive following attracted by its blend of news, reviews and comment on games of every kind. At the heart of its popularity is the great mix of hosts who enjoy great rapport, and even better banter.  Best of all, new editions pop up twice weekly on average and it’s always fresh, surprising and packed with the sorts of insights that are sure to make you a better, and better-informed, gamer.

The Games Industry Biz Podcast

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t just enjoy gaming but also wants to know about the nuts and bolts of the industry, then this is the podcast for you. Instead of tips and reviews it focuses on interviewing the movers and shakers behind the games.The topics that it covers range from the logistics of developing new games to the economics behind them. It also takes a close look at the workforce of developers and marketers who are instrumental in bringing the games to the waiting world.

Poker News Podcast

For those who fancy trying their luck at one of the latest online casinos and improving their chances of a big win, the Poker News Podcast could well set them off in the right direction. That’s because some of the biggest names in the highly lucrative world of professional poker share their skills and tips. So expect to receive pearls of wisdom from players like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth in a true poker masterclass. Hosts Sarah Herring and Geoff Platt also bring you weekly news updates about big tournament wins as well as many of the topics that are hot talking points in the international poker community.

Garrett’s Games and Geekiness

One of the longest-running of the current gaming podcasts, this is a title that first arrived on the scene way back in 2010. Every week Doug Garrett and wife Shelley discuss games they have played recently and talk to other fellow gamers. There’s often a theme to the podcasts, for example games involving dogs or ones that take players into the furthest reaches of outer space. On the website there is also a comprehensive archive that means you can go all the way back to the beginning and their earliest shows. Dip in and out and it gives a great snapshot of how gaming has evolved over the last 14 years.

Mentioned in Dispatches

As the title suggests, this is one for all the keen wargamers out there. It covers both the digital and the offline versions of the most popular titles and is nothing if not far-reaching. For example, a typical episode might include strategy advice on a specific game along with an interview with a prominent academic discussing an actual battle from history. That might make it sound a little nerdish, but it’s all done with a real sense of entertainment that’s a million miles away from being a dry history lesson.

Get Played

For all the big name games that see success, there are many many more that prove to be nothing more than footnotes in gaming history. In Get Played hosts Nick Wiger and Heather Anne Campbell take a comedic look at some of the games that never quite made it, They’re joined by the occasiional guest but usually it’s just them in the studio riffing and reminiscing over the thousands of also-rans in gaming history.

Of course, we’re really just looking at the tip of the huge iceberg that comprises the thousands of gaming podcasts out there. But give these a try and then start to plunge under the surface for a truly deep dive into the many swirling undercurrents of the gaming world!

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