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Health Tips

Welcome to Star Radio's Health tips with The Atrium Fitness Club in Ely. Whether you are looking to lose weight for a special occasion, improve your stamina and fitness for a sports event or your general wellness and fitness, they have qualified and friendly professional trainers waiting to help you.

Fitness Club membership comes in many guises and there is bound to be a package just perfect for you! The Atrium’s combination of qualified staff and great facilities can help you train, relax and energise.

Check back each week to find a new health tip revealed!

  • #1 Drink Coffee

    Studies show coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and even some types of Cancer. It's also shown to help fight depression and to help keep you alert, causing you to perform better.


  • #2 Know Your Limits

    Over at drinkaware.co.uk there's a handy calculate that helps you work out if you're staying within the recommended guidelines. 14 units of alcohol a week is the recommended limit - that's 2 pints of beer, 3 glasses of wine and 2 measures of spirits.

  • #3 Red Wine

    Red wine has less sugar, double the iron content to white wine, more magnesium and phosphorus. It's also higher in choline which helps prevent liver damage and reduces inflammation. Studies also show it is high in cancer fighting ingredients too.

  • #4 Fruit Juice & Smoothies

    Fruit juices and smoothies aren't always a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks. A recent study shows that they contain at least 19g of sugar, which are worryingly aimed at children.

  • #5 Wet Bread, Bagels & Rice

    Avoid wet bread, bagels & rice. Why? A study found a like between lung cancer and eating a diet with a high carbohydrate content.

  • #6 Monitor Your Heart

    It's all about developing a pace to work at that maximises your performance. A general rule of thumb is that your heart rate reserve should be between 60 - 70% on a long run with bpm between 139 - 152.

  • #7 Colds

    How can you get over a cold as quickly as possible? Drink and drink loads, top up on Vitamin C, stock up on tissues, have a hot shower (the steam will decongest the system) and gargle salt water. Listen below for the full list!

  • #8 Food Suppplements

    Some are nothing more than sugar based pick me ups so you need to make sure to do your research. For example, to boost your muscle, protein supplements are where you need to look, with Creatin shown to be one of the more effective ingredients.

  • #9 Protein

    Protein is critical for cell growth and repair. If you're not a fan of meat, there are options&nbsp;</span>such as green peas, tofu, nuts and broccoli. Dairy products are also a great source of protein with Greek yoghurt being one of the best.

  • #10 E-Cigarettes

    E-Cigarettes are a popular alternative to tobacco. But studies have shown that they may not be as safe as we think. High levels of nano particles have been found in the vapour which can cause inflammation leading to asthma, a stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

  • #11 Motivation

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel like a struggle. Most people see a drop in motivation levels as a signal of failure. It shouldn't be seen as failure but rather a time to give yourself a break for a day or 2.

  • #12 Losing Weight

    Motivation is the key to weight loss. Research shows adding competition to your weight loss plan can work wonders. Team based weight loss competitions can increase your weight loss by up to 20% more than on your own.

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