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When You’ve Found The Perfect Home


Things to Do When You’ve Found The Perfect Home

So you’ve found the perfect home – congratulations! But what next? Now the real work begins, because you need to sort out what you’re taking with you. Over time you accumulate so much without even realising it, and you may not want to take all of this to the new place. So the best thing to do is to sort through everything you own, decide what to take and what can be taken to charity shops. You might also want to buy some appliances and accessories for the new home!

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Make sure that when you are packing up the items you’re taking with you that you carefully wrap any breakables and appliances, as the company who transport your items may not cover any damage. You must ensure that you’re clear about everything that needs moving, as well as accessibility details, when you request a quote. If you live on a narrow or winding street, the removals van may have trouble getting to your property, so make sure you make them aware of this. The company may increase the charges if there are accessibility issues and they have to send another van, for example.

It is a good idea to begin the clearing out process as soon as possible, in order to make it less of an arduous task! Try to get rid of as much as you can before you move, and cleaning items as you go is a really handy tip to save time when you’re unpacking. Why not wash all the dusty and rarely used items you keep in the china cabinet before packing them, so you don’t have to do it later? The last thing you need when you’re trying to settle into a new place is to have to wash and polish everything as you unpack them!

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Another great tip you might not have thought about is to arrange for the disposal of old paint, garden chemicals and fuel, which you might have used for your lawnmower or BBQ! Drain all the fuel and empty gas cylinders, as well as removing batteries, into appropriate containers. These chemicals need to be disposed of properly so ensure you have done your research beforehand and that you know where the nearest disposal facilities are.

Moving day is a long and tiring day with so much to do, so most likely you won’t have time to unpack on the day. Pack a survival kit of the essentials you’ll need so that you aren’t rummaging around in boxes before bed time. This might include cups, your kettle, tea and coffee, milk, snacks and toilet paper! You could also add some cleaning materials, bin liners and light bulbs just in case. A little suitcase or weekend bag with a change of clothes and and fresh sheets might be something to consider whilst you’re still in the process of settling.

It’s sensible to get a range of packing boxes in different sizes so that you can easily pack each room in an orderly and organised fashion. Group certain items together so that you can unpack room by room. You’ll also need things like tape, marking pens and bubble wrap for your more delicate items. If you label boxes clearly on the top, you’ll know straight away where to take them when you move in. And don’t forget, only fill boxes to within five centimetres of the top to provide cushioning!

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Having an unpacking plan can really help you to feel more organised and less overwhelmed when you arrive at the new place. Keep the kids occupied with toys so you can unpack in peace, and have an early night the evening before to ensure you’re well rested! The final thing to do before you leave the old property is to do a thorough check around for anything you might have missed, and once you’ve secured the place up, leave the keys at a prearranged location!

And that’s it! You can settle in to your new home and not worry – you’re now super prepared. For more help and advice when buying and selling, refer to our Seller & Buyer’s Guide to Property.

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